Lisa, Evan and Sirius

Came across the bio I sent to you for puppy allocation today and was struck by how perfectly our Sirius Brown fits the description of the dog we were looking for. He is mellow and relaxed, confident and playful with new people and dogs alike. He has come with me to the clinic and the hospital, where he has gotten a head start on a career as a therapy dog- he has visited several inpatients at the hospital as well as served as a cuddle buddy for a woman while she was getting medical attention! The nurses doctors and midwives I work with all love him and are always thrilled when he shows up to work with me! (the pic I sent you wasn’t staged- as soon as I brought him to this woman’s bedside he jumped out of my arms and curled up on her chest and fell

We have taken him to puppy class where he has proven himself smart and easy to train( much easier than my six year old- ha!).

And, of course, my son is in love with him- I think Sirius thinks of himself as Evans littermate- they are rambunctious and affectionate together and it has been great for Evan.

We couldn’t be happier with him and I wanted to thank you for picking the perfect pet for our family.