If you are interested in adopting a Sun Valley Labradoodle puppy and you have any questions please view our Adoption Process.  Once you have decided to adopt a Sun Valley Labradoodle here is the procedure to follow: (for more specific detail see adoption process link)

Fill out our application form, this enables us to select just the right puppy for you and your family.

Purchase Price: As of 2021 the total purchase price for a SVL puppy is $3500.00 plus tax. A $500.00 deposit is required to hold a reservation in a litter and should be submitted with your application. The deposit will be deducted from the total purchase price when the balance is due. All deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to the next available litter. SVL must be firm with this policy and will make no exceptions. Buyer must be aware that exact timing is out of SVL control and may be off depending on when a girl chooses to come into heat. We have an approximate idea based on her last heat but they can sometimes be earlier or later then expected. Buyer is aware that sometimes circumstances are out of SVL control if there is not a suitable puppy in the litter you have reserved from SVL will transfer your deposit to the next available litter that will work for your needs and preferences. Buyers must be aware that sometimes puppies can change in colour and may get lighter or darker or stay the same over time. This is out of SVL control.

The final payment will be required when the puppy is six weeks old. At this time please look at my link under Bringing Puppies Home this information may be helpful to get you ready for your puppy. I will also send you pictures and updates about your puppy.

When you adopt a puppy from Sun Valley Labradoodles you will receive the following:

– Two year health guarantees relating to any hereditary conditions designated as life-threatening

– Microchip and ID number

– Veterinary records of immunizations, health certificate and pedigree

– Socialization

– Beginning crate training and potty training

– Our personal commitment to be there for you and your Sun Valley Labradoodle for life

– Puppy blanket with scent of litter

Please Note: SVL puppies will go to families with a spay/neuter contract for the families to have this done themselves by six months of age. The ideal time to have early spay /neuter done is at 12-16 weeks of age for a speedy recovery and less incidence and concern for possible aspiration due to irritation from the tube that goes down their throat during surgery.


$240-350 depending on the destination.

The price includes:

– Airline approved travel crate
– Exam and health certificate from the vet
– Ticket home
– Travel cost to and from the airport

Your puppy will fly via pet cargo in a pressurized area of the plane where they will be warm and comfortable. Most puppies sleep during their trip and arrive happy and ready to meet their new family! We will make all the arrangements for you.

You may also choose to pick your puppy up at our home and meet our family.