Process to adopt

Adoption Process (from Application Submission to Home Date)

Once you have decided to move forward to adopt a puppy from Sun Valley Labradoodles here is how the process works.

1. Fill out an application so that you can list all of your preferences and SVL can get to know about you so we can make a nice match for you and your future puppy. SVL will contact you once this application has been reviewed to let you know the best litter that will work for you to reserve from.

2. Once you have fully decided to commit to SVL puppy reservation a 500.00 deposit is required (prefer) through email interact using as this method is quick, easy and less cost. PayPal buttons are available but please note all PayPal service fees are added into my PayPal buttons and if you choose to send directly from your PayPal account we require you add a 3% fee.

3. Once puppies are born from the litter you have reserved from we will contact the families with a picture of the litter and will provide the specific home date for you at this time.

4. The next communication from SVL will be once all puppies have opened their eyes at approx day 17 after birth. At this time we start individual pictures of each puppy and will email the families to let them know what the puppies are doing and pictures will either be sent directly to the families and if you don’t receive pictures then that means my Flickr will be updated- please go to my site and scroll down home page until you see my Flickr button, click on it and it will take you directly to my Flickr when you scroll over the picture it will say the mother name and if you click on the picture it will enlarge for you.

5. At Approx six weeks of age I do personality testing and match up each puppy with the family based on all their preferences listed on the application this process has always worked very well and puppy owners have been very happy. I will send you a picture of your new family member at this time as well as the contract/health guarantee via email and full payment is also due at this time. Once you receive your contract please review, print out, sign , scan and return both pages to final balance details are due at that time as well and will be provided to you at the same time.

6. SVL will have provided a specific home date to you shortly after birth in order to give families plenty of time to arrange to be available to receive your puppy. If you are unable to make this date work then we will place you on the next available litter SVL appreciates your understanding as I have limited time that I can go away and do fun activities or travel with my family so we plan between litters. If you choose to have your puppy flown home to you I will arrange approx one week before home date and will provide all information and payment details to you.

7. You will receive vet health papers and pedigree as well as a blanket with the scent of your pups litter mates to help with the transition to their new home.

8. Please review my site under “tips for bringing puppies home” this will give you detailed information about what you may need for your new puppy as well as helpful information regarding food, potty training, crate training, grooming and how to care for your puppy as well as vaccination and microchip information.

9. Puppies are eating NOW for puppies small breed (chicken/duck flavor) three times daily 8,12,5 pm this can be adjusted as needed and number of times reduced based on your schedule.