Guardian program

In an effort to expand our breeding stock we are offering the Guardian family program to approved families.

This enables each puppy/dog to belong to a loving and caring family that can provide undivided attention to them.

A puppy is placed in an approved home at approximately 9-10 weeks to be raised and cared for as your family pet. Once the mature dog has completed all health testing and goes into heat the breeding dog would be returned to us to be bred, then again to deliver and wean her babies before being returned back to the guardian family (approx 7-8 weeks) Stud dogs may have a longer breeding career to approximately 5 yrs of age.

Once their breeding career is finished ( approx 3-5 litters) he/she would be spayed/neutered at breeders expense and returned to your family to live out their life as your family pet. At this time transfer of ownership papers would be signed over to you.


  1. Willingness to feed top quality food recommended by breeder.
  2. The primary caregiver can not work full time outside the home causing the dog to be alone for long periods of time.
  3. No intact male dogs (not neutered) can be living on premises.
  4. Must contact breeder once dog comes into heat.
  5. Must live within 90 minutes from Sun Valley Labradoodles.
  6. Must take puppy to puppy/dog training classes.
  7. A willingness to follow health care through vet.
  8. A willingness to maintain open communication with Sun Valley Labradoodles and allow breeder to do all necessary health testing for dog to be bred.
  9. Must have a fenced area.
  10. Must be willing to transport dog to Sun Valley Labradoodles for breeding.

If you think you may be interested in being a Guardian family please contact me at or give me a call 250-838-0202