The Sraws

Its only been several months since having Chaiya but we truly are amazed. She is the sweetest, most loveable and the best temperament dog we have ever met. She has not only stolen our hearts but the hearts of many people who live in our community. Chaiya approaches every person and enlightens their day. Chaiya is so cute and adorable that people driving by while we walk her often stop, roll down their windows just to admire her and tell us how cute she is. One day they stopped a soccer game as several team members wanted to pet her rather than play soccer and had police officers stop us to ask us the breed she is. Chaiya is so calm and soothing that she has helped out a medical office building to greet people and help while they receive treatment.

We are very thankful for all the knowledge provided by Angela before and after receiving Chaiya. Even after having Chaiya for several months, we email Angela regarding questions and she is always so helpful and always available.

Thank you Sun Valley for this amazing dog that has captured our hearts.