Keith Herron

Angela is the best. I cannot put it any other way. We talked with many breeders before buying our first breeding female, Chimaki. As we searched, we were also looking for someone who would mentor and guide us as we got started. Angela readily agreed to be that person. We asked her lots of questions, and she always sent us thoughtful, full answers. She is still doing it today. We have so much more to learn, but Angela’s help gave us a good base and confidence to get going.

Sun Valley has great dogs. We saw that immediately. Angela asked us good questions to be sure we knew what we wanted in our first mama Labradoodle. When we selected a litter to choose from, Angela led us through our choice step by step, again patiently answering questions and sending us lots of pictures with commentary. Chimaki was our unanimous choice, and she is a treasure. In August, 2013 she had her first litter–9 puppies. She is an attentive mother now on top of being a wonderful member of the family. We will always be grateful to Angela for bringing us to Chimaki and giving us our start.