Jennifer Burns, MD

I am thrilled beyond words to have our labradoodle, Cody. During my extensive search for the right puppy, I thought I would easily find a puppy near my home in Colorado. After talking to many breeders, you gave me so much insight and comfort into the special dog I was selecting. There were 2 important things that I considered. One being, that I am not allergic to our new labradoodle puppy after 13 years of allergies with Labradors. Secondly, Cody has a beautiful temperament, “playful but laid back.” In addition, I can tell your children helped tremendously with the transition into my home with my 2 young children. My neighbours and friends are amazed at such a wonderful puppy we have. Once trained, I want to take him to my office to meet and greet my chronic pain patients. Thank you, Thank you! I would recommend you without hesitation.