Anita Martens

It is almost a year now that we have had Dixie in our family! She is the most amazing family pet and we have been so impressed with the breed and especially her temperament.  Dixie is very social and laid back.  She will let the kids do anything to her and has become their best buddy.  This morning she followed our girls right onto their school bus and we had to go and get her out!  Dixie loves to play with anyone that comes to our home. First thing she does is plop on her back to get some belly rubs.  She also loves to play with other dogs and has a couple of bff’s that she plays with regularly.  She rarely barks and does not shed at all!!  She is spunky and yet loves to relax when we do.  She loves going for walks and prances to show off her beautiful coat.  Dixie is a great family pet and we commend you on breeding such fantastic dogs!!  Your choice for our family could not have been more perfect.  Thank you!  We look forward to many more years with our little buddy.