Australian Labradoodle Puppy Adoption for USA

Thank-you for your interest in our puppies.  If you have any questions please contact Angela via email at

If you are ready to move forward in welcoming an Australian Labradoodle into your family please fill out our online Application Form. The information will assist us in choosing a puppy for your family. Your deposit should accompany this form.


Deposit and final payment preferred method of payment is Email INTERAC to or click below to submit your deposit:


puppy adoption deposit and balance options


Please note if you choose the convenience of paying through Paypal their fee has been added into the deposit and balance.

You may also choose to send funds through email address, money order or certified check. Please note balance is due when puppy is 6 weeks of age.



Sun Valley Labradoodles USA Info

Hello USA families, a few changes have been made by the USA CDC authorities. Sun Valley Labradoodles has been sending puppies to the United States for many years. We have a lot of repeat families coming to us for a 2nd puppy addition as well as many referrals within the same town and communities.  The change that was enforced by the united states is that no puppy can enter the US without either coming from a rabies free country or having their rabies vaccination which can’t  be done until the puppy is 12 weeks old and then an additional wait of 30 days. Canada has a very low incidents of rabies and in fact BC has the same rate of rabies found in countries considered to be rabies free and may only possibly be carried in a species of bats which is the same as rabies free Europe. Approximately 55,000.00 cases of rabies are reported per year and around 50 some thousand are from Asia and Africa which oddly enough countries within those continents are considered rabies free. Sun Valley Labradoodles would like to continue  helping families find that special puppy that gives them so much pleasure and love- these are options below.

- CDC makes special case by case allowances for a puppy to enter the USA from Canada IF they have made an agreement before this law was enforced- many families had reserved and paid their deposit or full balances before this law was enforced- so upon written request and explanation they were allowed to have their puppy sent to them before the puppy had their rabies vaccination and went safely home at nine weeks of age. IF any families made arrangement before July 10,2014 and have reserved a puppy from us as most families do well in advance they so far have been approved to have their puppy sent and kept at their home until pup is old enough to receive their rabies vaccine. IF this is your case I am happy to walk you thru the process needed.

- SVL is now offering a service for a few families in the USA per litter – we are working with a trainer that will keep your puppy until they are 16 weeks of age and have had all their vaccines including rabies and wait period. During the puppies extra stay your puppy would be well taken care of and socialized with other animals, sites, smells, noises and car rides. They would receive training such as potty, crate, sit, stay, lay, off and walking nicely on a leash- if this may interest you please contact Angela for pricing for this service

- SVL will also be working closely with a breeder in the USA – we will have an extension of Sun Valley Labradoodles launched within the next year possibly by the spring 2015. We are very proud of the dogs and puppies that we raise and send to our families and our standards of excellence in continuing to provide USA families with loving, sweet and intelligent puppies will continue with USA choosing which alternative they would like to go with. If you have any questions please contact Angela. Thank you for your continued support with doing what we love to do!!!


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