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Came across the bio I sent to you for puppy allocation today and was struck by how perfectly our Sirius Brown fits the description of the dog we were looking for. He is mellow and relaxed, confident and playful with new people and dogs alike. He has come with me to the clinic and the hospital, where he has gotten a head start on a career as a therapy dog- he has visited several inpatients at the hospital as well as served as a cuddle buddy for a woman while she was getting medical attention! The nurses doctors and midwives I work with all love him and are always thrilled when he shows up to work with me! (the pic I sent you wasn't staged- as soon as I brought him to this woman's bedside he jumped out of my arms and curled up on her chest and fell


We have taken him to puppy class where he has proven himself smart and easy to train( much easier than my six year old- ha!).


And, of course, my son is in love with him- I think Sirius thinks of himself as Evans littermate- they are rambunctious and affectionate together and it has been great for Evan.


We couldn't be happier with him and I wanted to thank you for picking the perfect pet for our family.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Lisa, Evan and Sirius

(Babydoll and Maverick's boy)





Greetings from Sun Valley Lava in Sweden. An absolutely fantastic wonderful labradoodle that everyone loves.

Thank you Angela for giving her to us.

Wish you a nice weekend!
Ingeborg Hook




Just a quick note to tell you that our Kinley (Dec 5 litter) is thriving and she has been a magical addition to our family.


She has the most wonderful temperament- loves attn from everyone and anyone - but is also very gentle and sweet. Everyone loves her red hair too - she is a looker!! :)

7 months - 24 pounds.

We love her more every day.


The MacAulays
Kimberly, Iain, Mairi, Jack and Kinley





Just wanted to send you a picture of Ted!! He loves to play ball and roll around in the grass. He is a complete joy!! How lucky we are!!!


Janice and family





My little pup Gryphon is almost 9 months old, and we absolutely love him so much! I attached a photo for you to see what a handsome boy he is!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I want another one.

Thanks for my awesome dog! By the way, I have referred a few folks in Victoria. This dog attracts a ton of attention!







I would just like to say a huge thank you on behalf of my family and I! Clover is such a great puppy. She loves to play, cuddle, and explore! She has become a valuable member of our family, and we all love her so much! Attached is a picture so you can see how she’s grown up!


Thank you again!

Julia, Daciana & Family




Toby is an absolute delight - extremely loyal and friendly with a lovely playfulness. We are thoroughly enjoying him - thanks again for sending us such a lovely dog and for raising him so well for the first weeks of his life.


Sheila Elworthy




We came to know of Sunvalley Labradoodles from our friends that have a dog from Angela. We completely fell in love with their dog and how amazing she is with their grandchildren. We have two son’s ages 10 and 6 and two older daughters 26 and 22. Brittney is the one pictured with Winston in the photo. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled we are with him. He is amazing and everyone that comes into contact with him is in love. He was potty trained almost immediately and now rings a bell on the door when he needs to go outside. He’s so quiet we almost forget he’s in the house. Our entire family is in love with Winston. My husband has horrible allergies to shedding pet’s and Winston is perfect for him too. Thank you Angela for raising the bar in breeding truly amazing dogs that are perfect in every way!

Brad and Anna Bengtson

Grand Rapids, MI



I wanted to send you a picture of Daisy to see how well she is doing. She is a great dog. So good with the kids, very sweet, loves to play. We just love her!






We cannot tell you how much we love our little girl! Finnley brings joy to Dan and me, and also to Everyone who meets her. We have begun Puppy School and as you would guess, Finnley is the star of her class!:) She is potty trained, sits, lays down and stays on command. We are working on heeling while walking on lead and staying while lying down. She's just so great!


Our Vet, by the way, is Amazed, by our girl. Everyone at his office gushes over her as she is so sweet, laid back and well behaved.


We can't thank you enough for how you go about your business, in preparing us as new adoptive parents and how, Finnley came calm, content, crate trained and loved on by people on your end. All of this made it so helpful in transition to Finnleys new family.


Many thanks for the work you are doing to present phenomenal animals.

Kim and Dan Klaver

Michigan USA





It is almost a year now that we have had Dixie in our family! She is the most amazing family pet and we have been so impressed with the breed and especially her temperament.  Dixie is very social and laid back.  She will let the kids do anything to her and has become their best buddy.  This morning she followed our girls right onto their school bus and we had to go and get her out!  Dixie loves to play with anyone that comes to our home. First thing she does is plop on her back to get some belly rubs.  She also loves to play with other dogs and has a couple of bff's that she plays with regularly.  She rarely barks and does not shed at all!!  She is spunky and yet loves to relax when we do.  She loves going for walks and prances to show off her beautiful coat.  Dixie is a great family pet and we commend you on breeding such fantastic dogs!!  Your choice for our family could not have been more perfect.  Thank you!  We look forward to many more years with our little buddy.


Anita Martens
Medicine Hat, AB


Dixie at 11 months




I am thrilled beyond words to have our labradoodle, Cody. During my extensive search for the right puppy, I thought I would easily find a puppy near my home in Colorado. After talking to many breeders, you gave me so much insight and comfort into the special dog I was selecting. There were 2 important things that I considered. One being, that I am not allergic to our new labradoodle puppy after 13 years of allergies with Labradors. Secondly, Cody has a beautiful temperament, “playful but laid back.” In addition, I can tell your children helped tremendously with the transition into my home with my 2 young children. My neighbours and friends are amazed at such a wonderful puppy we have. Once trained, I want to take him to my office to meet and greet my chronic pain patients. Thank you, Thank you! I would recommend you without hesitation.


Jennifer Burns, MD

Boulder, CO





We would like to thank you for the awesome pup. Princess Lily is fitting right in, and I want to let you know how much we enjoy her.  She is absolutely an amazing pup. Princess Lily has turned out to be a perfect addition to our family. The unconditional love and devotion she has already exhibited shows us were the definite lucky ones to find her!


Thanks for the wonderful puppy!







Riley has grown into an unbelievable dog, and we just love him so much.  When we walk him anywhere, it's like walking a movie star.  You cannot just slip by incognita with him, as everyone fawns over him.  He has the best personality and temperament, and we truly consider him as part of our family.  I couldn't imagine life without him.  Ottawa is a perfect city for dogs, as there are lots of parks and places to run and walk.  Riley did not really love the car before the trip out East, but he his now a pro at that too, and doesn't mind driving with us anymore.  He loves to play ball and/or frisbee.  When he looks at us, it is as if a person is inside there, not a dog.  The attached photo was taken in Northern Ontario with Lake Superior in the background.


Thanks again for such a great dog!!!


Venita Costello and Bruce Ward




I am writing you a quick note to tell you how much we love our dog, Petra (you had named her Mara), whom we adopted last February.  She truly is the sweetest, most loyal, gentle, enjoyable, adorable dog.  She is a true doting, affection-junkie in a way that is quite unique.  Every time we go running or walking with her, people remark on how adorable she is – sometimes just giving an “Aww! Look at that cute dog!” from a distance.  We have all come to love her immensely and feel that we are so incredibly glad that we chose to adopt a dog from you.   Your description of her personality, based on her breeding, was so reliable.  She is the perfect family pet.


Thanks for being great breeders and bringing these wonderful dogs into our life.





We wanted to thank you for helping us in finding the perfect dog!

Thanks again,

The Armstrong family




Its only been several months since having Chaiya but we truly are amazed. She is the sweetest, most loveable and the best temperament dog we have ever met. She has not only stolen our hearts but the hearts of many people who live in our community. Chaiya approaches every person and enlightens their day. Chaiya is so cute and adorable that people driving by while we walk her often stop, roll down their windows just to admire her and tell us how cute she is. One day they stopped a soccer game as several team members wanted to pet her rather than play soccer and had police officers stop us to ask us the breed she is. Chaiya is so calm and soothing that she has helped out a medical office building to greet people and help while they receive treatment.

We are very thankful for all the knowledge provided by Angela before and after receiving Chaiya. Even after having Chaiya for several months, we email Angela regarding questions and she is always so helpful and always available.

Thank you Sun Valley for this amazing dog that has captured our hearts.

The Sraws






Angela is the best. I cannot put it any other way. We talked with many breeders before buying our first breeding female, Chimaki. As we searched, we were also looking for someone who would mentor and guide us as we got started. Angela readily agreed to be that person. We asked her lots of questions, and she always sent us thoughtful, full answers. She is still doing it today. We have so much more to learn, but Angela's help gave us a good base and confidence to get going.


Sun Valley has great dogs. We saw that immediately. Angela asked us good questions to be sure we knew what we wanted in our first mama Labradoodle. When we selected a litter to choose from, Angela led us through our choice step by step, again patiently answering questions and sending us lots of pictures with commentary. Chimaki was our unanimous choice, and she is a treasure. In August, 2013 she had her first litter--9 puppies. She is an attentive mother now on top of being a wonderful member of the family. We will always be grateful to Angela for bringing us to Chimaki and giving us our start.


Keith Herron
Poco Creek Labradoodles







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